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Lincoln Owners Club
the "early" Lincolns - 1920 to 1939
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The Lincoln Owners Club is excited to invite Lincoln enthusiasts to the Whitehall Inn in Maine next spring.  Camden is a beautiful coastal village, home to a fleet of Maine's coastal schooners (often called "windjammers"), the Owls Head Transportation Museum, and many other interesting attractions nearby.


We are planning for four days of activities, May 28-31 (Thursday-Sunday), with optional extra days on the front end.  (Note:  this is the weekend after Memorial Day.) 


The Whitehall, a lovely 40 room inn, has been in continuous operation since 1901.  It is a “full service” inn (all meals in a relaxed and spacious dining room, small bar, and comfortable common spaces), and does a brisk seasonal business in special events.  The Whitehall is perfect for our gathering—walking into the inn feels like stepping back into the 1920s or 1930s--yet it has all of today's amenities.  Should the number of participants exceed capacity of the inn, there are plenty of other accommodations nearby.


The Owls Head Transportation Museum puts on a Spring Show for automobile and aircraft enthusiasts.  In May 2105, it will feature our cars as part of the opening exhibition on Saturday (5/30) of our meeting.  This event draws collector cars from much of southern and mid-coast Maine.  In addition, the museum has offered parking for tow vehicles and trailers for our members for the length of our stay in the Camden area.  The museum is 12.4 miles from the Whitehall Inn--about 20 minutes.

The preliminary agenda is available through the "Documents" tab to the left.  The registration document will be available early in 2015.  It is very important that you save the date and make reservations right away.  The Whitehall has only 40 rooms and we've blocked out all of them.  Once they're sold out you will have to stay at an alternate facility. 


Brownie Carson and his wife, Dana, will happily arrive at the Whitehall Inn on Wednesday to welcome people and talk about places to see and roads to tour --they know the area well.  For more info, or with questions, please or call (207) 833-6323.

2015 Mid America National Meet, Hickory Corners, Michigan

Save the date!  All four Lincoln clubs, including the Lincoln Owners Club invite you to attend the 2015 Mid America National Meet which will be held at our museum this year from August 5th to 9th, 2015.
Please go to the the Documents tab to the left and look for the Welcome letter.  A registration form will be available in early 2015.

Membership Renewal Due

It's time to renew your membership for the calendar year 2015. Please take the time to login using your user name and password. If you haven't yet renewed you will see a red flag (starting November 1st) on the home page directing you to renew. From there you go to a section where you can update your contact information and your "additional data" which is mostly car information. This is the information that is used to produce our directory so make sure it is accurate.  Then you have a choice of either paying by secure credit card or printing out an invoice and mailing it in with your check.
2015 will be an exciting year for us as we roll out an additional publication for you on a regular basis.  Greg Bilpuch will be editing the Lincoln Newsletter on a quarterly basis which will include news items, meet information, registration forms, new member lists, classified and display ads, and tech tips.  Leland Powels will continue to publish The Fork and Blade, our wonderful club magazine containing historical articles, feature stories about your cars, and other useful and interesting information about our Lincolns.  You won't want to miss it.
Paying early helps us by eliminating the need for us to send out paper invoices and following up with those who haven't yet renewed.  We appreciate your help in streamlining this process and for the ninth year in a row we have been able to keep the cost of membership constant.
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(Photo - August 2014)

Lincoln Motor Car Foundation

presents Museum Keys

to Club Presidents


An estimated 800 Lincoln enthusiasts were present on August 9th to participate in the dedication of the stunning new Lincoln Motor Car Museum at "The Gilmore", in Kalamazoo, Mich. Jack Eby, Foundation President, masterfully officiated the event, detailing the vision, dedication and years of commitment required to complete the project. He introduced the presidents of the four Lincoln Clubs: Lincoln Owners' Club, Lincoln Zephyr Owners' Club, Lincoln Continental Owners' Club and Roadrace Lincolns.


Jack then presented each president a key to the front door, expressing "here are the keys to your museum", use it and enjoy it!

The museum was built and is outfitted within the tradition of Lincoln - everything is first class, no shortcuts! It stands out as the shining star of all the museums at "The Gilmore". A must see for Lincoln Enthusiast.


The momentum of the festivities overflowed to the banquet that evening where just under $50,000 was raised from the 400 attendees. These funds will to go toward the subsistence of the museum. Those members previously skeptical of the project now were believers and generously made pledges and donations.





                        FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:

                        David Schultz  (330) 833.3316 or

Fork and Blade Photo Index
Greg Bilpuch has created for us an index of over 1400 photos printed in the Fork and Blade over the period 1995 through 2012.  You can search for any year and body style from this Excel spreadsheet.  Click on the "Documents" tab to the left to view this index.



 Welcome to the new Lincoln Owners Club web site! 


Please take a few moments to browse around and see what we have done.  The old site was developed long ago and served us well but was very difficult to maintain.  Hopefully this will be a vast improvement.


Please consider joining over 450 members from around the world who own or simply have an interest in these grand old Lincolns produced between 1920 and 1939.


Membership is easy and inexpensive.  Joining entitles you to receive our club magazine, the Fork and Blade, which is produced six times a year.  In addition, we print a member's roster annually.  Additional pages on this website are available as well, including an up to date membership directory listing all our members and their automobiles. 


We have several meets each year, often in conjunction with our friends at the Lincoln Zephyr Owners Club. 


Finally, you will have access to our members who are the best resource for information about the history and restoration of these fine automobiles.


You can join online by clicking on "Become a Member!" using any major credit card.  The site is secure so your credit card information is safe.


Or, if you prefer, you can go to the "Documents" tab at the left, and navigate to the application for new membership. You can print it out and mail it with your check.


Eric van den Beemt



Notes on our Web Site


If you are a member you will be able to access the Membership Directory and search for your personal information.  Please check this over for accuracy. Much of this data is old and has not been verified. You will find that you can make changes to your personal information, but not your membership expiration date. 


This site currently has room for only five cars per member and we have some members with more than five cars. We have retained that information and plan to add it to our site when Club Express modifies this part of their program late in 2013. Some of you have second homes that you migrate to in the winter. If this is the case, you may change your address when you move. Don't forget to change it back again so that you continue to receive your Fork and Blade and other communication from us.


Please consider adding an email address. I know many of us are reluctant to put our addresses on the site, but I can tell you that this information is only able to be accessed by current members. We will only use your email address on an occasional basis and will never sell or give our membership information to outsiders without your permission.